Текст пісні Voices in My Head - Bob Mould

Voices in My Head - Bob Mould
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Дата випуску: 15.04.2021
Мова пісні: Англійська

Voices in My Head

If I decide to listen to the voices in my head\nStrange hallucinations I avoid\nThe people and the places, the living and the dead\nI cannot find some truth within the noise\nMake things colder, they get stronger\nMess you down inside\nWhere they’re two men, and I wander rough\nIt’s a long dark ride\nNow I’m very conscious of the voices in my head\nThat multiply and amplify the fear\nI can play the victim, or get on with life instead\nI’m finding resolution as they clear\nWe had a final conversation\nI remember that\nUnderstanding, it’s a long way back\nIf I decide to listen\nNo more time to listen to the voices in my head\nI say goodbye, it’s time to say farewell\nTo all the ghosts and demons, and all the words they said\nIf I decide to listen to myself

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