Текст пісні Sunshine Rock - Bob Mould

Sunshine Rock - Bob Mould
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Дата випуску: 15.04.2021
Мова пісні: Англійська

Sunshine Rock

They don’t love you like I love you\nI won’t leave you in the dark\nLook above you, I will love you\nIn the sunshine on the rock\nI feel a cool breeze blowing through my beard\nI roll the top down falling on my back\nAnd I hear your heartbeat pounding in my ears\nTasting candy running down my neck\nThere’s a bright light, blinding white light\nYou’re like lightning across the sky\nPlease don’t leave me in total darkness\nI’ll bring you with me into the sunshine rock\nWe watch the fireworks in an open field\nAnd stay so late we miss the train\nWe grab a taxi on the busy busy street\nAnd race across the city once again\nThe moon is merely a reflection of the sun\nLike other stars that seem so far away\nI’ll be your astronaut, you know we won’t get caught\nWe’re headed straight into the sunshine rock, oh yeah\nThe search to find a love that makes your life complete\nOh, life is but a dance inside the power plant\nSo when the lights go down and people fade away\nThere is no second chance, there is no second chance\nI reach into the sky, grab the nearest shooting star\nBreaking it in two, I give my heart to you\nI’ll be your astronaut, you know we won’t get caught\nWe’re headed straight into the sunshine rock

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