Текст пісні Could I Leave You? - Stephen Sondheim, Dee Hoty

Could I Leave You? - Stephen Sondheim, Dee Hoty
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Дата випуску: 21.03.2022
Мова пісні: Англійська

Could I Leave You?

PHYLLIS:\nLeave you? Leave you?\nHow could I leave you?\nHow could I go it alone?\nCould I wave the years away\nWith a quick goodbye?\nHow do you wipe tears away\nWhen your eyes are dry?\nSweetheart, lover,\nCould I recover,\nGive up the joys I have known?\nNot to fetch your pills again\nEvery day at five,\nNot to give those dinners for ten\nElderly men\nFrom the U.N.--\nHow could I survive?\nCould I leave you\nAnd your shelves of the World’s Best Books\nAnd the evenings of martyred looks,\nCryptic sighs,\nSullen glares from those injured eyes?\nLeave the quips with a sting, jokes with a sneer,\nPassionless lovemaking once a year?\nLeave the lies ill-concealed\nAnd the wounds never healed\nAnd the games not worth winning\nAnd-wait, I’m just beginning!\nWhat, leave you, leave you,\nHow could I leave you?\nWhat would I do on my own?\nPutting thoughts of you aside\nIn the south of France,\nWould I think of suicide?\nDarling, shall we dance?\nCould I live through the pain\nOn a terrace in Spain?\nWould it pass? It would pass.\nCould I bury my rage\nWith a boy half your age\nIn the grass? Bet your ass.\nBut I’ve done that already--or didn’t you know, love?\nTell me, how could I leave when I left long ago, love?\nCould I leave you?\nNo, the point is, could you leave me?\nWell, I guess you could leave me the house,\nLeave me the flat,\nLeave me the Braques and Chagalls and all that.\nYou could leave me the stocks for sentiment’s sake\nAnd ninety percent of the money you make.\nAnd the rugs\nAnd the cooks--\nDarling, you keep the drugs.\nAngel, you keep the books,\nHoney, I’ll take the grand,\nSugar you keep the spinet\nAnd all of our friends and--\nJust wait a goddam minute!\nOh, leave you? Leave you?\nHow could I leave you?\nSweetheart, I have to confess:\nCould I leave you?\nYes.\nWill I leave you?\nWill I leave you?\nGuess!

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