Текст пісні Digital Age - Brother Ali

Digital Age - Brother Ali
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Дата випуску: 31.03.2024
Вікові обмеження: 18+
Мова пісні: Англійська

Digital Age

Living in a time where life is cyber\nYou the type to think that everything you pry is your two cents up in a cypher\nYou just need to quietly admire my desire\nGet inspired by a higher form of life or just retire\nA riot’s only fire, it’s the ingredients inside of you\nWood you, tiger I’m Mike Tyson, I’m iron\nMeaning you say you would, when I only say that I am\nAnd my universe is only too adverse, there’s no trying\nSci-fi pioneering, scientific tie-in\nA falsified environment, you save your life with a right click\nYou dogs high and mindless on the mic and when I’m lying\nYou can stop me then, you’re not even excited to recite it\nWorlds colliding, your rhetoric is silly\nAnd I ain’t hustling, I’m building, ain’t a thing that’s built quickly\nCould only be, dim see, you could dress it up pretty\nBut a weak foundation, I could break you with my pinkie\nSniffing up all the blow, getting your body swole\nBut I look inside your eyes and I can know your hallowed soul\nLying to yourself from the moment you press go\nYou brought it on your own, you’re only known for what you own, yah\nChain is gorgeous, but you didn’t make it\nAnd your drugs are flawless, but you didn’t create it\nThen your clothes are immaculate, but you were born naked\nWe all die, our legacy the only thing we take with\nListen now, we’re living through this digital age\nEven though you ain’t locked up in no physical cage\nStill gon' need to see your way all through that mental maze\nEach new innovation puts us deep inside a case\nPicked up all the scriptures and I flipped through every page\nLooking for some proof that these are not the end of days\nEvery single sacred relevation’s been displayed\nOnly thing that ain’t been happened yet, the dead have not been raised\nYou forever passing, 'til my paths are made of passion\nMy intoxicated, toxic break your thoughts you couldn’t fathom\nYou gon' get the gat, you earned it, up up and at 'em\nLike the first man on that planet, out the bad shit that done happened\nI’m doing really really well, living in a minute in hell, like it’s a citadel\nWhere the million listeners under my spell, so they couldn’t even tell\nAnytime the ignorant prevail, I skip bail and and end up tipping the scale\nThat rude truth still get telled, keep on lifting up, prevail\nMy soul, too gold, too broad to fail and it isn’t for sale\nEven with the pressure to prevail, I shall not crack like the Liberty Bell\nAnd in the days and months to come, I say it once so listen up well\nY’all are selling nature heaven for a digital hell

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