Текст пісні Can't Live Without Your Love - Shogun

Can't Live Without Your Love - Shogun
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Дата випуску: 03.03.2013
Мова пісні: Англійська

Can't Live Without Your Love

Yesterdays gone\nYou can’t see the tears I cried\nHere on my own, you’re a world away\nRemember when our love was strong\nTimes have changed and the fire has gone\nPride builds a wall that nothing can break\nBridge\nThere’s no turning back\nNo turning back\nTomorrows the future\nWho knows what it brings\nWe sailed out together\nWere drifting apart\nCan’t live without your love (x3)\nYou got me on the run\nCan’t live without your love\nThe final night\nPromises made, never to be broken\nBut just one mistake and you walked away\nYou say you thought about it\nBut your eyes are so cold\nOnly love can break down this wall of pride\nBridge\nCan’t live without your love (x3)\nI need a little time\nCan’t live without your love\nBridge

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