Текст пісні Make, Model, # - Pony Up

Make, Model, # - Pony Up
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Дата випуску: 08.05.2006
Мова пісні: Англійська

Make, Model, #

You know his make, his model and his number\nAnd still you sit back and watch yourself get suckered\nOh, he tries some women like shoes\nAnd he has nothing left, nothing left to lose\nOh, I want you to be just like me\nSo sit back and see only what you want to see\nOh, I can hear you holding your breath\nIt will ring in my ears until I go deaf\nOoo.ooo…ooo…\nOh, your hair is shiny\nAnd your eyes are wide\nAnd your smile is scary\n'Cause there’s nothing inside\nAnd I think you’ve gone crazy\n'Cause you’re eating the rapper\nAnd you’ve thrown out the candy\nAnd I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve you\nTo deserve you\nTo deserve you\nTo deserve you

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