Текст пісні Lover, Where Are You? (Freestyle) - Zilo

Lover, Where Are You? (Freestyle) - Zilo
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Дата випуску: 05.09.2019
Мова пісні: Англійська

Lover, Where Are You? (Freestyle)

I don’t really know what love is
But I know I’m feeling something
Or maybe I’m mistaken?
Don’t know the definition
If I ever find out
I’mma tell the world what I think of it
Tell me, have you have ever experienced?
Oh yeah
Lover, Lover
Where are you?
Show yourself
I can’t find you
You are hiding
Just come out
Do you know what love is?
Cause I’ve been out here struggling
Lover, Lover
Where are you?
Come find me
I ain’t even tryna fight it
Whatever it is I know that i’mma like it
Baby listen
I’ve been wishing
For the day when
I fall in love
Lover, Lover
Where are you?
Come find me 'cause
I’m impatient
Wonder who’d it be?
A guy or a girl?
I don’t really care
I love who I love yeah
I thought I really liked my ex
She’s moving on, I’m Moving up
Sent her a text, ain’t text me back
Lover, Lover

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